Leather Craft Hand Stitching Tools/Repair kit with Curved Upholstery Sewing Needles with Waxed Thread, Drilling Awl and Thimble (10 Pieces)

  • Upholstery hand sewing needles kit. 7 different needle sizes 5 straight, 2 bent, 1 drilling awl, 1 sewing thimble and 1 waxed thread cord spool in black
  • This hand leathercraft set has all the accessories needed for repairing sofas, carpet, canvas, upholstery, coats, tents, mattresses, furs and leather
  • With 10 pieces this set has a wide variety of needle shapes and sizes, together with the stitching awl, sewing thimble and cord, this set will have the right tools for your project
  • A perfect DIY repair set of tools for handmade leather craft
  • EAN: 5060572133457